PSG 2016


The Deer Creek Parent Support Group 2016

The Parent Support Group for the Class of 2016 is a Deer Creek School District sanctioned club
run by parents with students that will be graduating in the year 2016.  Our goal is to help alieviate or lower the cost of activities and functions that will involve our children throughout their Middle School and High School years.

The Deer Creek PSG 2016 if funded by voluntary annual dues of $20 per student and various fund raising activities throughout the school years.

Events that the PSG 2016 will be responsible for  include but may not be limited to: 

Eighth Grade Graduation (voted upon by school)
Eighth Grade Lock-In (depends on availablity of facility that year)  
2015 Junior/Senior After Prom Festvities
(Junior class in charge of prizes, place and food each year) 
2015 Senior Class Baccalaureate Reception
(Junior Class hosts for Senior Class every year)
2016 Senior Graduation
2016 Senior Breakfast/Luncheon

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Current Fundraisers for Fall 2009!

"DC" Peace Sign T-Shirt
shirts are black with peace sign made up of tiny "dc"s.  Very Popluar!  These shirts are being sold school wide, no date so they can be worn for years!  Available in child through adult sizes for $20.  See below for design.

Visit the contact tab for ordering information.

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